About Nemexia


After thousands of years of battle for glory in Nemexia everyone would like to make a difference, everyone wants to play the main role. The three races have well trained warriors and perfectly armed ships at their disposal, but it is you who decide which race are you willing to join.

Noxis, the intelligent insects. You can fight one of them, but they are never alone.

The Confederation, fully evolved humanoids. None can deny their thousands won wars.

Terteths Union, self-proclaimed free robots. Capable of both pity and cruelty.

They might look the same in size, shape and colors, but who knows what is waiting for you on each enemy planet?
Anyway, you won’t be bored with the selection of over 50 different planet pictures.

Manage and navigate over 10 different types of ships. Choose from 12 types of space missions and enjoy the feeling of the real time game with thousands of other players.

Make your own equipment in the crafting section, choose your personal Admiral Skills and invest your resource into your Admiral Stats.

The Universe is big, we won’t lie to you. But how big will it feel depends of how many Galaxies you can conquer. You can colonize the farthest galaxies and spread your might over the Universe.

If you don’t want to be alone in your adventures you can gather your best friends in one, powerful Alliance. You can even create your own Team Planet and destroy not only the enemies’ fleets, but also all Suns in the Universe.