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  1. Resource Zone: Construct buildings to increase your resources.
  2. Industry Zone: Construct buildings to store resources, trade resources, and convert scrap resources.
  3. Government Zone: Construct buildings to build units, manage alliances, manage loans, and other functions.
  4. Choose your planet.
  5. View your planet ozone, population, and scan for spies.
  6. Manage your fleets, send ships to attack other planets, and construct more ships.
  7. View the galaxy, look up coordinates of other planets, enemies, allies, and renegades.
  8. Talk to your adviser for missions.
  9. View your premium credits and spend your premium credits.
  10. View your alliance.
  11. View your messages and notifications.
  12. View your ranking and the global leaderboards.
  13. View your commander ship units. Order and repair commander ships.
  14. View your admiral.
  15. Auctions, skills, stats, daily rewards, and the galaxy arena.

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