Detailed New Player Guide (Mission 1-15)

Entering the open universe of Nemexia can seem overwhelming when just beginning your journey. Nemexia offers a constant array of challenges, expeditions and explorations for both players new and experienced. With all that Nemexia has to offer it’s easy to get lost in all the possibilities. This guide will help the new Nemexia player navigate through the introductory stages of the game and at the end lead them on a path to total domination!


You’ve just chosen your desired Faction/Race and have been given a planet to call home. In order to maintain your planet and eventually grow you must first generate the resources to keep your civilization functional. The four main resources in Nemexia are Metal, Minerals, Energy and Gas; all of them are basic components needed for almost every task, so it’s imperative you being to generate them as soon as possible.

In the top most left hand corner of your HUD you will find the resource zone, the center of all your buildings that generate resources, click there see the available building options.


Here you have the option of building a Metal Mine, Mineral Extractor, Gas Refinery and Solar Panels. When just starting out you begin with 500 of both Metal and Mineral, just enough to get you started on your basic buildings. To ensure you have enough resources as you go it’s recommended that you first build the Metal Mine (the most common required resource of the four), then the Mineral Extractor and then the Solar Panels.

After the building is complete you can look to upgrade the buildings to become more efficient, thus generating more resources in a shorter amount of time. Look to upgrade your Metal Mine first and then check in on your advisor.


Following the guide you will have noticed that you’ve already completed four missions and have been granted resources as rewards from your advisor. You’re now ready to begin Mission #5 – Renegade Espionage. This is the first voyage you’re commanding that will require you to send units outside of the safe confines of your planet…tread carefully. On this basic reconnaissance mission you are required to ensure the safety of your planet by scouting for potential threats known to be in the area. To accomplish this task, enter the Fleets menu which can be found on your main HUD to the left of the advisor tab.


Once there move to the drop down menu to select Renegade Espionage. Then enter the Max amount of Spy units to send on the stealthy investigation. Once you complete this you’ll be taken to the Sending Fleet Menu. Here you must input the correct coordinates of the desired location, in this case the Renegade Fleet, before you are able to send your ship(s).


You can find the coordinates of any enemy or ally by going to the Galaxy tab and panning over their location. Doing this will display a pop up menu showing basic information of the location including the “Coords” (coordinates).


Once your spie(s) have returned with intel you’re ready to begin your assault on the enemy! Return to the fleet menu, but this time select Renegade Attack and send your ships to being the assault. Attacking other players grants you technology and resources if you win the battle and still grants you some resources if you so happen to fail.


Unlike the espionage voyage, an attack may take longer to complete. During this time I urge you to use this time wisely as a leader. Seek to invest your current resources to upgrade your resource generation buildings. If you haven’t yet I suggest building your first Gas Refinery to start generating this key resource.

As you advance further in your Nemexia journey you’ll soon realize that the better the technologies, ships, generations, etc. all require relatively more resources to acquire them. To compensate for this continually upgrade your Resource Buildings (Mineral Extractor, Metal Mine, Gas Refinery, Solar Panels, etc.) whenever you have the opportunity to do so.

Now that you have the resources, it’s time to think about the future of your Universe. In order to spread your rule and defend yourself from other leaders you need to build ships. To begin, build a shipyard which can be found in the Military Zone tab.


While waiting for your building to finish maximize efficiency and begin laying the necessary components of a thriving empire. With all the resources you’re generating it won’t be long before you run out of space on your planet. To hold your amassing resources go to the Industry Zone tab and begin building storage facilities for all your key resources.


Be sure to frequent your Personal Tab found on the main HUD for important updates and reports on the happenings of your planet and soon to be universe.


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