New Player FAQs

1. How to I load more than one person to spy?

a. You can load as many units as you can carry once you have created them in the

construction tab.

2. What is the purpose of being a premium member?

a. Benefits of Premium membership can be found by following the Premium Icon to

the Subscription tab. Scrolling down will display all the great advantages of going


3. How do I find the coordinates of other areas?

a. Coordinates of other planets can be found by panning over the desired location

and looking at the numbers to the right of the “Coords” title.


4. What’s the purpose of scrap?

a. Scrap can be made into resources and traded at the trade center.

5. Can I earn credits without having to pay? To speed it up

a. The only way to earn credits is through purchase.

6. Is there a way to connect with others?

a. Yes, you can create an alliance and gather members to dominate space. From

there you can message each other through the chat feature to strategize .

7. Can I use credits to complete buildings rather than just shorten the time by 50%?

a. In some instances credits can be used to complete buildings, but depending on

the time required to build it can be shortened by varying degrees.

8. Anyway to speed up building without credits?

a. The only way to speed up building is through the use of credits or patience.

9. How do I join an alliance?

a. Create a hive from your military zone tab.

10. Can I have a personal icon or picture?

a. Going to the Customization tab by clicking on the premium icon brings you to an

array of customizable options from nickname personalization to your planet’s


11. What’s the overall objective of the game?

a. To build the supreme star gateway.

12. What does the player receive for playing?

a. They receive the glory of total galactic domination and can compete for prestige

and prizes in upcoming tournaments.

13. Is the center green ball relevant to the story?

a. The center mass in your system is the sun and supplies energy to your planet.


14. Can I log in from a mobile and use all the features?

a. All features are available on a mobile browser.

15. How do I change the HUD back to the original form?

a. In the top right hand corner of any page is an arrow that allows for a minimized

or full HUD display.

16. How do I buy resources individually rather than in the bundle?

a. You are unable to buy single resources. If you desire a single resource and have

excess of another you can exchange resources at the “Trade Center”.

17. Are the factions competing with each other on a global leaderboard?

a. The factions are not competing against each other, but joining a certain faction

gives certain benefits regarding battle strength, resource generation, ship


18. Are the factions competing in real time?

a. The factions/species are not competing with each other, but alliances are

competing with each other on a global leaderboard.

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