New Player FAQs 2

1. What is the purpose of ozone?

a. Ozone allows for the habitability of a planet. If ozone levels are too low function cannot continue.

2. How do I create a new planet?

a. Establish a new planet by selecting the “Colonize” mission in the Fleet tab.

3. Is there any way to change alien factions?

a. There is no way to change your faction once you have started, but you can start a new faction on a different server or version of the game.

4. Is there any way to increase your building queue capacity?

a. You can increase your building queue capacity by purchasing the Extra package granting you 2 extra building queue spots and much more!

5. How do I earn upgrade points?

a. Earn upgrade points in battles against the Renegades.

6. How do I increase my in game stats?

a. You can increase your base stats by using resources to increase them in the “Admiral” tab.

7. What is the purpose of Resource Points?

a. Resource points contributes to your overall score and moves you up the global leaderboard.

8. What is the purpose of Battle Points?

a. Battle points contributes to your overall score and moves you up the global leaderboard.

9. What is the Galaxy Arena?

a. Mighty place for cross universe battles giving the opportunity to test your strategies against thousands of other players. Every hour a new round in the Arena starts.

10. Can I connect with friends even if they are from a different faction?

a. Yes, you can message any user in the game as long as you have their username.

11. How do I report a bug in the game?

a. Click the “Game Support” tab at the bottom of the page and in the drop down menu choose the appropriate category.

12. How do I build up my defenses?

a. Go to the “Shipyard” section; once there under “Construction” you will find the “Defense” category. Build up your defenses there.

13. What is the outline of a planet?

The outline of a planet is the appearance of your planet. There are over 50 different ones to choose from which can be unlocked and purchased.

14. Can I turn off the personal notifications?

a. At this time you are unable to turn off the personal notifications.

15. Can I edit my admiral character?

You can click on your admiral tab and edit his or her appearance. Your admiral can also carry equipment and have their skills upgraded.

16. Can my Alliance mates give me resources/ships?

a. Alliances can upgrade the Alliance skills that grant benefits including resources and construction for all members.

17. What is a round restart?

a. The Round restart is the process of reinitializing a Game universe. A Game universe gets restarted when the Game goal is complete and the Deathmatch is over. When it is restarted almost all information is deleted.


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