Detailed New Player Guide (Mission 30-50)

Venturing Out: Steps 30-50

Commander! The time is now to begin our journey into space. Currently you’re limited to only one active Space flight, but to scour the entire universe you’ll need access to more available flights. I suggest putting your scientific resources towards the Radar Systems science to allow more than a single flight. If you haven’t already, while waiting for the Radar Systems to be researched, upgrade your Chemistry and Physics to level 5 to grant access to much needed Ecology. You may have noticed while building your planet up that your planet’s ozone levels have been simultaneously decreasing.


A planet with no ozone is considered uninhabitable, so I encourage you to never let that happen. Put your scientists to work and research Ecology up to level 3. This should produce enough ozone to counter act your industrious efforts.



If you’re unsure of what sciences to research and what is needed to unlock these sciences take a look at the Technics tab. To find the Technics tab, go to the Science Resource Zone and on the left hand side you’ll find Technics listed at the bottom of the page.


Things are beginning to get hectic and you must to be prepared to reach full output. Throughout this journey you should have increased your base resource output regularly. If you haven’t, now is the time to catch up. Expand your Metal Building #1 to at least level 15, Metal Building #2 to level 7, Mineral Building #1 to level 12, Mineral Building #2 to level 7, Gas Probe #1 to level 12 and Gas Probe #2 to level 7. You should also be simultaneously increasing your storage capacity to store all these resources when you’re away.

As buildings become more advanced the time it takes to create them gradually increases as well. In order to reduce this building time and become more efficient I suggest further developing your Construction Yard to at least level 6 to reduce construction time of all buildings.


Now that you’ve increased your construction yard you now have extra robots to allocate. Robots increase the amount of resources gained when allocated to a respective area.

Don’t let up now Commander! You’re making extraordinary progress! To keep it going look to upgrade your Experimental facility to at least level 6. This will allow us research more sciences and become a more advanced race.